Homeland Defense • Nuclear/WMD Deterrence • Non-Traditional Conflicts • Information Superiority • Intelligent/Autonomous Systems • Technological Surprise • Peacekeeping/Humanitarian Missions • Smarter/Safer/Secure Logistics

The Department of Defense continues to transform the nation's armed forces – the military of the future – to meet the demands being placed on them by a changing world order. There is a growing threat of missiles; cyberwarfare; biological, chemical, and nuclear weaponry; and domestic terrorist attacks against the homeland. The Department must also modernize the business of defense, getting the best value for the taxpayer's money. While the Department develops new strategies and concepts within these objectives, the Defense Science Board's wise counsel and advice will remain critically important.

For 60 years, the Defense Science Board has ably served the nation by providing innovative solutions to myriad technological, operational, and managerial problems. The Board, comprised of nearly 50 retired senior military, government, and industry leaders, is best equipped to tackle the Department's challenges in acquisition, cyber, communication technology, and weapons of mass destruction. The Board's reports offer in-depth analysis and practical solutions, which prove invaluable in times of transition and transformation.